Shark Tank Can Help Small Businesses Reach New Heights

Several business owners, budding entrepreneurs and millions of viewers across the US and the world watch ABC’s Reality TV Series – Shark Tank. Being on “the tank” can be truly game-changing for any business. For small business owners, the show offers several benefits such as TV exposure, deal with a celebrity investor, sound business advice, business financing, and more.

A Small Business Success Story: Pat Swisher of Swisher Hygiene

Toilets are not usually the stuff of heroic tales, but Pat Swisher set out on a quest to vanquish bathroom germs. He succeeded, but like most heroes, not without trials along the way. In short, he built a highly profitable corporation, went to jail, sold his business, built another, and eventually came full circle. Potential entrepreneurs can only feel inspired from Pat Swisher's determination, dedication and response to set-backs.

Targeted Business Promotion Using USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every business aims to reach as much local audience as possible. And needless to say, businesses want to do it at an affordable cost. This is especially true for newly opened businesses, that want to reach out to locals to announce their opening. Even attract new customers in through their newly-opened doors. For such businesses, the ‘Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)’ service by USPS is just right.

Stay In Control Of Your Website, Even If Someone Else Is Building It For You

At SimplyBestWebsites.Com, we make sure that we give our clients all the particulars (usernames, passwords, etc.) pertaining to their website at the end of the project. However, over the years of working with several clients, we have experienced that their previous website design agency had not provided them with the same. In this blog-post, we recommend various steps one should take to stay in control of their website after it has been built.