Stay In Control Of Your Website, Even If Someone Else Is Building It For You

At SimplyBestWebsites.Com, we make sure that we give our clients all the particulars (usernames, passwords, etc.) pertaining to their website at the end of the project. However, over the years of working with several clients, we have experienced that their previous website design agency had not provided them with the same. In this blog-post, we recommend various steps one should take to stay in control of their website after it has been built.

How to Create a Professional Email Address For Your Business

When we run a business, being professional is by far the most important of all. A professional business approach helps in impressing our customers, makes us look trustworthy and creates an overall good impression. So, when you email your client using an email id such as Your_FirstName_LastName_@Gmail (or Yahoo). Com, you are hardly making that great first impression.

The Pros And Cons of Using Local Daily Deal Sites for Small Businesses

You are open for business. And that's exciting! After so much work, your dream of operating your very own small business is now a reality! Of course, you are looking for ways to spread the word about your business. One popular option for growing a small business is to look at some of the very popular daily deal networks.

Three 1-800 Number Services For Small Businesses

In today’s competitive day and age, 1-800 numbers are not a luxury, but rather a necessity. 1-800 numbers offer your customers the convenience to contact your business at no cost to them. However, getting a 1-800 number can significantly increase your cost of doing business. In this blog post, we have detailed three efficient yet affordable services that you can use to get a 1-800 number for your business.