SSL Certificates For Small Business Websites

You have your website up and running smoothly. Every link is fully functional. Both the theme and layout look great on every device from tablets to laptops. You've got a beautiful platform, but do you have your SSL certificate ready? You may wonder if having SSL for small business websites is even necessary. Regardless of business size and sales volume, websites need to have an SSL certificate to be competitive in today's market.

Five Professional And Cost-Effective Online Logo Design Services

Creating a logo for one's business is a fundamental step in branding. A company's logo translates who the brand is, what it represents and creates a positive impression when done correctly. Your logo creates the opportunity to inspire a customer’s decisions and draw attention. In its entirety, it is who you are. Therefore, creating a lasting and original logo will build upon your brand for its lifetime.

Benefits Of Implementing Google Re-Captcha On Your Website

As a website owner or administrator, you must have come across the ugly truth known as the 'Spam Bots'. Thanks to the evil mastermind behind spam bots, we are now burdened with this pesky critter that crawls the web causing mischief at every turn. Web admins now spend more time cleaning up the mess left by spam bots. But thankfully, there is a tool that can help save you time while managing your websites.

Six Features Of An Effective Small Business Website

Every small business needs a website. Yet, not all websites are the same. Some are well designed, engaging visitors and contributing to a company's bottom line. Others just take up space on the web and serve no real purpose. What makes a small business website effective? Here are six elements that successful websites have in common.