Why Using A Website Design Agency Is Better Than Using Online Website Builders

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There is an imaginative array of methods to create a website now, some more quirky than others. However, if you want to create polished custom website then it is less easy than it seems. A personal website design agency is not a perfect fit for everyone, however the quality is usually undisputedly better. It isn’t generic, doesn’t look like a template, has great SEO, is designed to be easy for you to use as the owner and requires no time from you. And best of all it’s not frustrating.

Now let’s be clear this is not a one size fits all tee shirt where a custom web designer is always the best. However, for most businesses or excellent freelancers it would certainly be more than worth it. Consider the results if you did not choose a custom web designer. If you have high end clients or contracts and you lose one or they are deterred by your website then you will have lost far more than the website cost. If for instance you are a freelance worker and a typical contract is $25,000-50,000 then losing a single client or contract would make it worth the investment. In general terms if you are business making over $250,000 or a freelancer making over 150,000 in revenue a year then by not having a custom site you likely losing or missing potential clients. Also, if you do business locally in a competitive arena that sources its customers online then the SEO benefits are quite significant for a custom site. And of course if the items or services you provide are high value transaction of say over $5,000 or more for each transaction then it would also be worth the investment. It’s not a good fit for everyone, but an experienced doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, code developer or artist could easily fit these classifications.

There are an unpleasant array of disadvantages when not using a custom website design agency. To begin, the reality is that many website builder templates look good. However for impressive success most of us want great not just good. You can only tweak a template so much to optimize it. Not to mention that the templates are often generic and their common use means they have a recognizable feel. And of course the SEO optimization is not excellent. All of this is forgetting that the use interface for the person creating it can make you tear your hair out. Is it worth all of the time you will spend trying to make it just so?

A custom design agency has the advantage of expertise and can thus create any number of unique features you might need for your business. A specific agency means the you can get personalized attention and answers to any questions or potential concerns you may have. Your website also needs to be secure going into the future and avoiding website builders can help assure that. Your customized SEO can be used to make you easy and prompt to find on search engines. Local SEO schema is also very important and helpful. You can get guidance and strategy to compare options from professionals and know that the designs choices were a fit for you. What should the opening page look like or should I add a form for this here? The space to get assistance and professional opinions on these types of queries is an important element. It allows you to describe your niche and have the website truly suit it. Your customer’s mobile version of your site should also be excellent and not have issues or glitches. You will end up with a unique perfectly suited design that should target your market audience and gain sales.

Let’s go through two examples to demonstrate how significant a custom build is.

There is an applications or app developer who works on a variety of different applications independently or with select number of groups. Suppose it is mostly smaller projects that would range between $50,000-100,000. In this case even if he was splitting this fee every time each client would still be vitally important. Having the website sleek and SEO close to perfect would be essential because each client is so valuable. Having in excellent set up to network between the clients and developer on projects and showcase the progress made would be extremely important and much easier to arrange with a custom designed website.

Suppose there is an artist whose original sculpture or jewelry sell for between $3,000-10,000. Each sale and transaction would be important so converting clients and SEO for their site could mean a large up or down in revenue. Most artists sell their work online at least partially so it would need to set up to accommodate that as well as personal portfolio. And of course a professional method to contact the artist and network with prospective contacts is essential. All of this would need to be done not just moderately well but exactly on pointe to not alienate clients as well as customers who follow and buy the artist’s works.

In the end I think you will find frequently that if someone needs a website it is preferable to choose a web design agency. The array of options, streamlined functionality, loss of frustration and increase in customers and revenue make it the correct choice. It is quite simply much harder to get what you need out of a website builder if your needs are complicated. As well, the quality of the product the you will receive should be higher. Websites really shouldn’t be one size fits all tee shirts. So, we hope you enjoy the reduction of stress and positive results grow from this more customized choice.

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