SimplyBestWebsites.Com specializes in custom website design for all types of businesses. We live by the "Keep It Simple, Stupid" doctrine, providing our clients with a website that resonates with their customers. We realize every business has a unique story to tell. So, we put ourselves in the business owners' shoes and think like them. We take time to research the latest trends in our clients' industries, know their target audience and understand their performance expectations. A perfect tailor-made website is thus born!


Very early on, we knew we were entering a crowded and competitive space, and had to set ourselves apart. It is then that we came across this phrase coined by the US Navy in 1960 – “Keep it Simple, Stupid”, emphasizing the importance of simplicity. We had surveyed several business owners and their biggest concern was that website design process was very ambiguous in terms of time and pricing. Many were unsure of the services they were being charged for. Some expressed remorse that they had to buy something they didn’t need. "Keep it Simple, Stupid", thus became our motto. We practice that in business and in everyday life. We strive to keep our design process simple and transparent by providing upfront pricing and timeline, so you can plan better.


We all have, at least on one occasion, come across a consultant who was inattentive to what we were saying. The result was a product completely different from what we were in the market for. We understand that not listening attentively to our clients leads to wasted time, wasted money, unnecessary conflicts and spoiled relations. "I thought you said..." hardly makes any sense once the deadline has passed. So, we lend a patient ear to our clients' requirements, ask questions and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Our clients are always kept in the loop, so they stay abreast of the progress being made and can provide a feedback early on. The simple practice of listening has really helped us all along in providing a stellar customer experience.


Business owners make endless personal, professional and financial sacrifices to keep the business running and their customers satisfied. We owe all such dedicated business owners an equally dedicated website. Websites give businesses an online identity and help create that very important first impression. Remember, in this digital day and age, you are only a click away from losing a customer. "Build it, and they will come.", is hardly true anymore. So, we strive hard to ensure that your website is customized and tailored to perfection. A prospective customer is more likely to stay on a website that stands out, looks professional and tells a unique story. Customization does just that - makes your website stand out and narrates an authentic story that touches hearts.


We believe in good old fashioned word of mouth publicity when it comes to acquiring new customers. Not only it helps us in saving precious advertisement dollars, but it also keeps us on our toes. We know that we must create the best quality design, so we can win a referral from our clients. And so far, we have been very successful in our endeavors and have enjoyed repeat business and lots of referrals from our patrons. We feel the underlying reason behind that is our seriousness and dedication to the websites we build. We understand the important role a professionally designed website can play in our client's business. When we build a website, it’s not just another project for us, but a beautiful creation that we cherish forever.


All packages include a unique domain name and hosting. Our designs are uniquely tailored per your needs and help convey the right message to your customers.