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For any business in the increasingly competitive world we are in today, optimization of business processes is always a top agenda. eSignature is one way businesses are achieving efficiency. With eSignature, businesses close deals and sign contracts online in a very short period since they eliminate the slow and tedious paper processes. With electronic signature, the cost of fax machines, some offices supplies, and shipping fees is minimized or eliminated in some cases. Firms that have implemented eSignature, have saved valuable money and precious time. The money and the time saved is what will give your business an edge over the competition.

Credit Building Strategies for Small Businesses

Despite thorough planning, running a business can often come with unexpected expenses. May it be an equipment repair or advertising funds to keep up with the competition, surprise expenses are a part and parcel of every business. Not having funds to cover the necessary costs can put a business at risk of falling behind or even shuttering down. It is for times like these, that a healthy business credit can help you secure that much needed loan. This post outlines five strategies for building your business credit.

One Tough Cookie – The Story of Mrs. Fields

When you think of how successful Mrs. Fields' cookie shops are, it is hard to imagine that this business almost didn't make it. Debbie Fields was not an instant success. She encountered many obstacles and naysayers on her road to fortune. Debbie Fields, maiden name Debra Sivyer, was one of five children in the home of an U.S. Navy father and stay at home mother. Living in poverty, the family found that eating high quality meals was nearly impossible.

Trademarkia : A useful tool businesses should be familiar with

Whether you are starting a new business or managing an existing business, your business identity such as logo, trademarks, patents etc. are extremely vital. But with millions of businesses across the country, how can you ensure that your trademark is protected? Or how can you ensure that you are not unknowingly using someone else's registered trademark? This is where Trademarkia.Com comes in. Businesses can use this site and prevent any potential legal issues that may arise from trademark, copyright infringement, etc.