Design Process

The design process is quite straightforward. After you purchase the subscription of your choice, we will need content pertaining to your business, such as your logo, services you offer, photos and so on. Once you have provided us with the information, we will create and send you a preliminary layout for you to review. You may suggest changes or approve the layout. If you suggest changes, we will edit the layout and resend it to you for your review. Once you are fully satisfied, and approve the layout, we will upload the website files to your hosting account and your website will be online.

Once we have received all the content regarding your business from you (e.g. your logo, service description, etc.), we will send you a preliminary layout of your website within 3 days of receiving the content. Most preliminary layouts are approved by our clients without revisions. However, if revisions are needed, it may take longer for a website to go online. So, basically, the faster you send us your business information and the faster we receive your feedback regarding the preliminary layout, the quicker we can get you up and running.

Domain name & hosting

Domain name is your website’s permanent address on the Internet. It’s the ‘.Com’ in any website that we visit. So, for example, Google.Com is the domain name of Google.

You will make the final decision in terms of choosing the domain name. We will look up some good domain names and send them to you, to help save time. However, you make the final decision. A good domain name is typically short and simple so your customers can remember it easily; while also promoting your brand.

Even though we purchase the domain name, it will be registered to you and you own it a 100%. If you need to, you can sell it or transfer it to another customer.

Simply put, hosting is space on the Internet to hold your website files such as the webpages, photos, etc. You need a domain name and a hosting account to launch a website. When you place an order with us, both are included in the price.

If you already have a domain name and/or hosting, we can totally work with your existing account. We will, however, require an access to the same so we can host your website files.

Extremely secure! We use Godaddy.Com, world’s largest registrar to host all our clients’ websites. So, rest assured your website is safe from hackers or any unauthorized users. Additionally, we keep several back-ups of your website files. In a highly unlikely event that your website gets hacked, we will ensure that it’s back online again within a few hours.

Website content

We would be happy to create content for your website. Matter of fact, it is included in the price and won’t cost you extra. We will still need some basic information about the business, such as the description of services you offer, etc. Once we create the content for you, we will send it to you for final approval before we put it on your website.

We will put as many pictures as you want. The more the better, since pictures often tell a great story.

We understand that businesses want to display the most updated information on their websites. Some business owners may even want to make changes to their website from time to time. So, all our website packages come with free 3-month unlimited updates. After 3 months, all updates would be billed at an hourly rate of $25/hour. Of course, we will let you know the total cost of updates upfront and start work only upon receiving your approval. Also, rest assured that we are very fast and efficient, thereby getting a lot done in an hour!

Website performance

All our packages come with ‘Google Analytics’ that effectively tracks website visitor information. So, you will know the total number of visitors to your website, where they came from, how much time they spent on your website, what keywords they used to find your website, and much more. We will, however need your approval before we can sign you up for Google Analytics.

Payment & information privacy

Rest assured that your payment information is extremely safe. We use Stripe.Com, a highly renowned and widely used payment processor, that uses state of art technology to encrypt and safeguard your payment details. Stripe processes your payment directly, wherein we are not provided with any payment details such as your credit card number, etc. Additionally, we have purchased a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate from GoDaddy.Com as an additional security measure. If you still have any questions pertaining to the security of your payment transaction with us, please send an email to Hi@SimplyBestWebsites.Com. We will be happy to address any concerns you may have.

We respect your privacy and do not collect any personal information pertaining to you or your business. In the event, you decide to voluntarily sign up for our email promotions, we will keep your email address on file. You may however remove yourself from our mailing list, any time you want, by sending us an email at Hi@SimplyBestWebsites.Com.

Account Transfers & Refunds

Yes, absolutely. We look forward to having an ever-lasting relation with you. But if you so decide, you can easily transfer your account to another company and not lose your website. If needed, we will even work with the other company to help them in getting your website transferred.

We have a 15-day 100% refund policy from the day your website goes online. So, if you make a purchase today, but your website doesn’t go online for another two weeks, your refund policy will kick in after two weeks.

Unanswered questions?