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Angel Guardian Assisted
“What I like about SimplyBestWebsites.Com is their all-inclusive package. The process of building a website is tedious and complex, as we experienced with the previous agency we were working with. You need a programmer, hosting package, content writers, etc. Not only are all these cost-intensive, but the launch of your website is also delayed. So, after being frustrated with our previous agency, we were referred to SimplyBestWebsites.Com. With them, the process was a breeze, since we were now getting all the services under one roof. The entire process was completed within a week and our website was online. They have created an online appointment form as well which allows our customers to send us a message even after our office is closed and we are unable to answer phones."

Space Coast Business
“Having recently acquired this business, we needed to swiftly migrate our website from the previous owner’s server to our own. This included registering a new domain name, setting up a new hosting account, configuring a new email to direct any prospective inquiries from new clients to us and the actual transfer of website files. To save time and money, we didn’t want to go through an entire redesign process. SimplyBestWebsites.Com helped us to achieve exactly that. They helped us in not just migrating the old website, but also updating it with new content in less than a week. We saved a fortune that we would have otherwise spent in getting a new website built. We were also impressed by the time they took in thoroughly understanding our requirements and providing us with valuable inputs during the development process."

Stone Funeral
“Ours is an iconic and historic funeral home which has been around for more than a century. We have been fortunate enough to serve many families in times of their grief and feel truly blessed at the confidence bestowed upon us by them. So, we wanted to build a website wherein we could tell our story. We also wanted to reach out to more families and let them know that we were there for them in times of their need. SimplyBestWebsites.Com worked closely with us and created a custom website that reflected our rich history, compassion and professional work ethic. Via our website, several families get in touch with us, with a request to make final arrangements for their loved ones. Additionally, they helped us set up a simple online payment system, so that out of state families can make payments for their friends and relatives. We are more than satisfied with the service we have received so far and will continue working with them for website maintenance and updates."

Hermann Bach Paving
"We take pride in being one of the oldest paving company in Brevard County and over years, have received several customers simply via word of mouth publicity. However, as new businesses started to mushroom, we felt a need to build a professional website to keep up with the competition. We shopped around for quotes and came across SimplyBestWebsites.Com. To say that their prices are reasonable is an understatement, as they were less than half the lowest quote we received from other companies. As soon as we sent them the photos and other business related information, they commenced work and our website was completed before schedule. Our main goal was to display a portfolio of work, so our customers can see our projects. This company helped us with that and we are very happy with the results that our website is generating."

Water In
"After using SimplyBestWebsites.Com for designing a website for our paving business, we hired them for our relatively new swimming pool business. Like before, the experience was stellar. As with our paving business, we wanted to display our portfolio to showcase our work to the clients. We also wanted a simple and easy to manage appointment feature, wherein prospective customers can schedule a free consultation with us. Our need was carefully understood by SimplyBestWebsites.Com and appropriately fulfilled. Since launching the website, we have received many free consultation requests that converted into paying customers. The website has more than paid for itself and it was by far a smart business decision to work with a reliable company that has an amazing response time."

"Despite of having several positive reviews on Google and a Facebook page, my newly opened barber shop was struggling for a brand identity. We searched for several website design companies online and found the prices to be outrageous. We are a local family owned and operated barber shop and not a corporate chain. It was then that we were referred to SimplyBestWebsites.Com by one of their clients. The prices were unbelievable and the project was swiftly completed. Even though, we had a strong presence on Google and Facebook, the website helped us create an identity around our brand and our services. I would highly recommend SimplyBestWebsites.Com to any business that is looking for professional web design and brand identity at a reasonable budget."

No.1 Chinese
"As a local Chinese take-out place we had two main requirements, namely put our menu online and highlight our special dishes. We were contacted by many companies that provided us with ridiculously high quotes. After finding SimplyBestWebsites.Com online, we were blown away by their prices and the extensive portfolio of their work. Not only did we immediately signed-up for a five-year account, we also referred another family member to this company. The work was professional and customized and provided a good vibe to our website. Our customers can now look up our menu online and call us with their orders."

Serenity Taxi
"This company is a diamond in the rough. I run a local taxi business and stumbled across their website after receiving several high-priced quotes. I couldn’t believe the value they were offering for the price listed. They have essentially all you need to get your website online. Also, they are very fast in meeting the deadlines, while also creating extremely professional and beautiful designs. They consult with you via email and do not try to sell you something that you may not really need. I liked their honest straight-forward approach, knowledge and their professional approach. If you are looking for a website that represents your brand while helping you connect with your customers, I would highly recommend getting in touch with the pros at SimplyBestWebsites.Com."

Mahogany & Ivory Beauty
"I regard SimplyBestWebsites.Com as a true friend of the small businesses. The price is just right and doesn’t cost a fortune, unlike most other companies. They do not bind you in any kind of contract and you are free to continue or discontinue using their hosting at will. Also, I am impressed with the upfront nature of their pricing, which is extremely unique in the world of website building, where prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for the same type of website. We have hosted our website with them for five years now and look forward to working with them forever."

Middle Eastern
"Our experience with SimplyBestWebsites.Com was just terrific. Our restaurant is a local landmark and have had many faithful patrons for over a decade. However, our old website did not justify our cuisine, ambiance and the stellar service our staff provides. We therefore, turned to SimplyBestWebsites.Com and they revamped our website in three to four days. We are very satisfied with our website; and feel it conveys a true picture of our restaurant to our customer. We were also able to keep our old hosting account as well as the domain name associated with it, which we had been using for several years."

Albert Tire & Auto
"SimplyBestWebsites.Com built a website for our auto-repair business. Even though almost all auto repair-places have a website, SimplyBestWebsites.Com did a great job at making our website stand out. The website content was original, to the point and conveyed the right message to our customers. The website also included an accurate description of the services that we offer our customers. Since building the website, we have been able to effectively create an online presence for us and have had many online appointment requests. Thank you Simply Best Websites for helping us make a great first impression with our customers!"

"We hired SimplyBestWebsites.Com to build a website for our newly opened Kava Bar. Since Kava Bars are still a new concept, we needed not just a great quality website, but also relevant content that would educate a prospective customer. And we are pleased to say that they came thorough and wrote a thorough and professional content explaining how Kava is made, the benefits of drinking Kava and so on. The content was 100% original and has since helped us in attracting new customers to try our delicious Kava."


All packages include a unique domain name and hosting. Our designs are uniquely tailored per your needs and help convey the right message to your customers.